We make marine magnetometers. Period.

We build marine magnetometers that do their job smarter – and get you better results. And a focus on the realities you face in the field, from weather conditions to foul-ups, helps us build longer lasting tools that get better information – and make getting information better.


We started this business in the mid 90’s because it was apparent that the industry had stagnated. Innovation was at a standstill, established organizations were complacent, and customers lulled into accepting the status quo. We saw an opportunity to carve out a niche for ourselves by raising the bar. That worked, so we decided to keep doing it.


As engineers dedicated to the singular goal of creating smarter sensors, we don’t make geoelectrical equipment, seismographs, or even land or airborne magnetometers – our best minds are zeroed-in on the task at hand.

Why? Because designing mags that boast the highest independently tested sensitivity in the world takes focus.

Our secret

Our success is rooted in the combination of Technology and Design that takes the user experience into account. We know exactly what you intend to do with our products. We’ve researched the conditions and situations in which they must perform. And we’re realists: Accidents happen. People make mistakes. Our systems are built to survive them.