How do our products perform?

We have been using our SeaSPY magnetometer and Sentinel base station for almost 2 years now, in which time it has been used in the marine nearshore environment, as well as in harbours, estuaries and rivers, including the Congo River. In all applications, the mag has proven to be an extremely reliable and robust system, and has even recently survived an attack, from what is believed to have been a 3.5m – 4m long Great White shark ! This occured whilst surveying close to the surf zone near Cape Agulhas, the southernmost tip of Africa ! The Sentinel Base Station has been set up and hidden effectively in a variety of locations in the African bush, including the Congo River Delta, and has also been installed on Robben Island near Cape Town. In all settings, the instrument has performed extremely well and yielded data of high value… Good luck with the continuing development and sales of both of these products.

Phil Van Den Bossche & Sven Coles
Council for Geoscience

After many years of operating magnetometers in the Gulf of Mexico and throughout the world on a daily basis, I want to express Fugro GeoServices’ satisfaction with the quality of data projected and delivered upon from the SeaSPY Marine Magnetometer Sensors… Our clients have high expectations of the data we collect. The SeaSPY sensors and Marine Magnetics help us fulfill our client requirements and allow us to continually meet the growing standards in the geophysical industry

Bruce Aucoin
Fugro GeoServices, Inc.

We have now completed the first full Antarctic season using our SeaSPY magnetometer and can report that we are delighted with its performance. It has proved to be very robust and trouble free in operation and has delivered consistently good data. There is no doubt that we chose the right instrument

Peter Morris
British Antarctic Survey

I would like to wish you continued success in the development of your innovative Overhauser magnetometers. In the past 3 years we have collected more than 4000 line km of magnetics with our SeaSPY sensor and have found it to be a highly rugged and dependable field instrument. The magnetometer sensitivity and low noise characteristics are excellent and have allowed us to acquire some very high-resolution magnetic images of marine archaeologic sites, contaminated harbours and faulted lake basins to name a few of our many applications. Thanks for building a truly ‘bullet-proof’ piece of high technology.

J. Boyce, Ph.D., P. Geo.
McMaster Applied Geophysics

Just a follow-up note to let you know how pleased we are with our new SeaSPY magnetomer, it has made a handsome and profitable addition to our existing rental fleet… It is without questions the most reliable and maintenance free magnetometer we have ever owned or operated. In our opinion your magnetometer is as dependable as the tide.

Terry Dwyer
SeaLab Canada

This is to attest to our satisfaction with the SeaSPY magnetometers that we operate as part of our equipment pool. We have found them to be reliable and user friendly. Our clients have been pleased with the resultant data as well. We appreciate your assistance in maintaining our units, and rushing parts to us on those occasions where we have needed them. I hope you continue to improve and develop your product lines.

Ewan Cumming
Fugro Jacques GeoSurvey

I wouldn’t leave the dock without my SeaSPY.

Jim Wadsley
Deep Sea Research
Recovered the Brother Jonathan

I recently had the opportunity to use Enviroscan’s newly purchased magnetometer, the Marine Magnetic’s Explorer, on several very different projects. Having used many different magnetometers across the worlds oceans in the last twenty years, my expectations for performance are extremely high. The Explorer met every expectation. The sensitivity and low noise performance were impressive. Keep up the great work.

Vincent Capone, M. Sc.
Enviroscan, Inc.

We have used the SeaSPY magnetometer for nearly ten years, and it has been a reliable mainstay in our survey activities. Each year a new group of students gains hands-on experience with the SeaSPY, and on the rare occasions we need tech support or replacement parts, Marine Magnetics staff have been terrific to work with. Very happy with the SeaSPY!

Gregory Cook
Assistant Professor
Anthropology Dept., University of West Florida

Ann Weaver