Surveyor’s best friend.

SeaSPY is the most reliable magnetometer you’ll ever meet.
Unfailing data, durable hardware, and an easy-going disposition
make SeaSPY a mag you can count on. Learn more »


7lbs, soaking wet.

Explorer is the world’s smallest, lightest, and most efficient
high-sensitivity field magnetometer. That’s a lot of punch for
a mag that packs so light. Learn more »


The needle in
a haystack finder.

SeaQuest is the ultimate magnetic target detection platform.
It gives you more information, and helps you see just what you
want to see. Learn more »


Dependably independent.

Sentinel is a smart, self-contained base station magnometer
that stays on duty, unattended, for months at a time.
Program it once, place it anywhere, and
walk away—Sentinel does the rest.
Learn more »