The Sentinel Base Station has been set up and hidden effectively in a variety of locations in the African bush, including the Congo River Delta, and has also been installed on Robben Island near Cape Town. In all settings, the instrument has performed extremely well and yielded data of high value…

Phil Van Den Bossche & Sven Coles
Council for Geoscience

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Start up

A 1000m Sentinel magnetometer with electronics module and sensor configuration comes with:

Sentinel is available with many options and accessories. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.



Sentinel thinks for itself. Upon start-up, it will alert you if you’re in an unsuitable area for readings, and automatically power down until you reactivate it in another location. From there, Sentinel will collect days or weeks of high resolution data (depending on sample rate), independently, on a single battery charge.

Sentinel is designed to withstand years of exposure to even the harshest environments. The battery pack and omnidirectional Overhauser sensor are protected by a pressurized housing, made of high-strength fiberglass and coated with impact-absorbing polyurethane. Wind, rain, the depths of the ocean – Sentinel survives it all.



Interacting with Sentinel is easy with BaseLINK for Windows.

BaseLINK’s fast and compact terminal interface lets you change Sentinel’s settings with a few simple keystrokes, and download your entire data set with a single click of the mouse.

BaseLINK remembers where you keep your data files, and automatically names them by date and revision number so you never have to worry about overwriting existing files, or misplacing data. It will even log, word-for-word, every command and parameter sent to Sentinel, so you can quality-control your operators’ performance in the field – or prove to your boss that you did, in fact, configure the unit correctly.


Real-Time Readings

Although Sentinel is perfectly comfortable working alone, you can monitor its performance at any time by plugging your PC’s COM port into the tripod base. Sentinel reports readings through its serial port in real time, in addition to automatically storing them in its nonvolatile memory. At the same time, Sentinel’s battery can be recharged through the same connector on the base, without disturbing data acquisition.


High Performance

SENTINEL’s sensitivity is state-of-the-art (0.015nT), far superior to most traditional base station magnetometers, and its power requirement is orders of magnitude lower. Couple this with its enormous one million reading nonvolatile memory and you have an instrument that is capable of collecting months of high resolution total field magnetometer data on a single battery charge.


Powerful Memory

Sentinel has a storage capacity of one million readings, so there’s always enough room for your data – even after weeks or months. Its non-volatile memory ensures that Sentinel remembers its settings, and automatically places itself in low-power standby when not in use.



Take a break and enjoy the view because Sentinel does all the legwork. Upon start up it tests the area for a proper reading and makes its diagnosis. It even remembers its settings. Just turn it on and let it do the rest.


Plug & Play in Any Terrain

Sentinel is easy to set up. With no orientation nor tools required, deploy the Sentinel on land, in a tree, underwater and…let her be. Sentinel isn’t picky.


Auto Pilot

The Sentinel can think for itself. Collect months of high res total field magnetometer data on a single battery charge. Yes, it’s that smart.