The Explorer met every expectation. The sensitivity and low noise performance were impressive. Keep up the great work.

Vincent Capone, M. Sc.
Enviroscan, Inc.

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Box Explorer

Start up

A 300m Explorer magnetometer with electronics module and sensor configuration comes with:

Explorer is available with many options and accessories. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.


Get up and go

Explorer and a toothbrush will get you a day’s worth of good data. Ideal for shallow water, Explorer lets you find what you’re looking for – with no restrictions.


Packs Light

Leave your generator at home. Explorer never needs more than 2W, and can run reliably on lightweight alkaline batteries.


Perfect Fit

Explorer gets you into those shallow and hard to reach areas that larger magnetometers can’t touch. And at a mere 7 lbs (3 kgs), Explorer is designed to fit both your boat, and your budget.


Plug and Play

Explorer plays well with others. Put it to work with any leading side scan sonars, AUV’s, ROV’s and deep tow platforms.


Ready When You Are

Explorer’s sensors work immediately upon start-up. Because they don’t require temperature stabilization, they work equally well in arctic waters as tropical – all you need to do is turn them on, and throw them over.


Headache Proof

Explorer is designed to work as long and as hard as you do. Because its sensors don’t degrade or lose data quality over time, and contain no consumable parts, Explorer is a durable, maintenance-free mag that makes it easy to get consistently accurate data, year after year.


360 Vision

No matter where you go or in what direction you’re surveying, Explorer’s got your back. Its pre-optimized, omnidirectional sensor ensures easy, accurate data collection – every single time.


Sensitive and Smart

Explorer may be lacking in size, but not sensitivity. Explorer delivers high-resolution output at 0.02nT RMS/rt-Hz – on par with optically pumped sensors, and higher than any proton sensors. And because it uses the smartest marine mag data technology available, its absolute accuracy is shared only with our SeaSPY model: 0.1nT.



Explorer is ideal for: